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Scientific topics: Gene expression and microarray  or Protein structure analysis 

Learning structural bioinformatics and evolution with a snake puzzle

We propose here a working unit for teaching basic concepts of structural bioinformatics and evolution through the example of a wooden snake puzzle, strikingly similar to toy models widely used in the literature of protein folding. In our experience, developed at a Master’s course at the...

Scientific topics: Protein structure analysis, Molecular biology, Evolutionary biology, Bioinformatics

Resource type: course materials

Viewing 3D Structures with Deep View

Many proteins have had their structures experimentally determined, and an examination of these structures can provide valuable insights into the function of these molecules. This course will show you how to use the free Deep View software to view and analyse both single and multiple protein...

Scientific topics: Protein structure analysis

ArrayExpress: Quick tour

This quick tour provides an overview of EMBL-EBI’s functional genomics database ArrayExpress.

This course was updated in December 2015.

An undergraduate-level understanding of biology is an advantage. You may wish to have a look at our Functional genomics: An introduction to EMBL-EBI...

Scientific topics: Gene expression, Gene expression and microarray, Functional genomics

Keywords: Gene Expression