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Contributors: Thomas Denecker  or Ms. Yo Yehudi 

FAIR data - Module 4 (share and publish data)

Partager et diffuser les données. Le cadre juridique, les entrepôts et les licences sur les données

Scientific topics: Data management, Biology, Bioinformatics

Keywords: data sharing, Data publishing, legal framework, data warehouse, licensing, data reuse

Resource type: Slides

FAIR data - Module 1 (research data)

Research data and their centrality in the research process.
This material is mostly in French.

Keywords: metadata, Data Life Cycle, Reproducibility, Data management plan

Resource type: Slides

Intermine 2.0

Yo Yehudi describes Intermine, an open source data warehouse and analysis system at 2nd BiVi in 2015
Created at: 2nd BiVi Annual Meeting.

Keywords: Databases

Resource type: Slideshow

Model organism analysis using Intermine

Poster presented at 3rd BiVi in April 2017.InterMine is an open source data warehouse based in the University of Cambridge. We integrate data from disparate sources and provide a single unified interface, allowing you to access your data via an easy-to-use webapp or API. InterMine has over 30...

Keywords: Cells and Organisms

Resource type: Poster