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Contributors: Dr. Nils Gehlenborg  or Dr. Roy Ruddle 

Leeds Virtual Microscope and Orchestral

Dr Roy Ruddle discusses large displays for visualisation and the Leeds Virtual Microscope and Orchestral tools at 1st BiVi in 2014. Posters presented regarding the two tools discussed are also included.
Created at: 1st BiVi Annual Meeting.

Keywords: Genome

Resource type: Poster, Video

Visualization Approaches for Biomedical Omics Data: Putting It All Together

Dr Nils Gehlenborg gives his keynote at 1st BiVi in 2014. The rapid proliferation of high quality, low cost genome-wide measurement technologies such as whole-genome and transcriptome sequencing, as well as advances in epigenomics and proteomics, are enabling researchers to perform studies that...

Keywords: Genome, Molecular

Resource type: Video