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Authors: Sergio Martínez Cuesta 

Introduction to GitHub

The aim for today is to learn the basics of GitHub so that you can use it for your own projects.

  • Background
  • What is version control? What is Git? What is GitHub?
  • How can you use GitHub? How can it be useful for your work?
  • Practical session: working with GitHub

Keywords: GitHub, Reproducibility

Resource type: Training materials

Beginners introduction to Git and GitHub

Morning session (Sergio and Mark)

  • Background and motivation
  • What is version control? What is Git? What is GitHub?
  • How can you use Git and GitHub? How can they be useful for you?
  • Practical session: working with Git and GitHub


Keywords: Git, GitHub, control version, Reproducibility

Resource type: Training materials

Summer School 2018 TrainMalta: Epigenomics. Introduction to Unix and R

An overview of Unix and R for bioinformatics

Keywords: Unix, R-programming

Resource type: Training materials

Data Carpentry in R

Data Carpentry workshops are for any researcher who has data they want to analyze, and no prior computational experience is required. This hands-on workshop teaches basic concepts, skills and tools for working more effectively with data. We will cover Data organization in spreadsheets, data...

Keywords: Data analysis, Data carpentry, SoftwareCarpentry

Resource type: course materials

Data visualisation with R and ggplot2

This course provides a short beginners introduction to data visualisation using the R programming language and software environment for statistical computing and graphics. Sergio will demonstrate basic examples on how to import data, perform different types of plots and export graphics using R...

Keywords: R-programming

Resource type: course materials

Introduction to GitHub for chemists

Are you interested in learning Git and GitHub to manage your code, manuscripts or research data? This introductory workshop will be covering the following:

  • Background and motivation
  • What is Git? What is version control? What is GitHub?
  • How can Git and GitHub be useful for you? -...

Keywords: Git, GitHub

Resource type: course materials

Make your academic life easy with ORCID: an introduction

Many funders and publishers now require you to get an Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID): an identifier that is unique to you and which comes with you wherever you go. It eliminates ambiguity about your name so you can get full credit for your work. Do you have an ORCID id? Are you sure...

Keywords: ORCID

Resource type: Tutorial