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Authors: Janick Mathys  or Boo Virk 

An Introduction to Mathematical Modelling

This course provides an introduction to the concepts of modelling biological systems. It is intended for biologists who have no experience in modelling but would like to know how it might apply to their area of research. The course provides a complete background to the history of modelling and...

Quality Control in Sequencing Experiments

This course looks at the different ways in which sequencing based studies can fail and the options for visualisation and QC which allow you to identify and diagnose these failures at an early stage. It is designed to be of use to anyone who is using sequencing as part of their research, not just...

Scientific topics: Quality affairs

Keywords: Babraham Institute

Scientific Figure Design

This course provides a practical guide to producing figures for use in reports and publications. It is a wide ranging course which looks at how to design figures to clearly and fairly represent your data, the practical aspects of graph creation, the allowable manipulation of bitmap images and...

Scientific topics: Data visualisation

Keywords: Figure design, Babraham Institute