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Authors: Jan Slifka  or Christine Staiger 

DS Wizard and its Use

This training gives an overview and explains what is the purpose of smart data management plans as living documents, core ideas behind Data Stewardship Wizard, and how to use it in practice. Furthermore, it shows the versability of DSW, its top-notch features that make...

Scientific topics: Data management

Keywords: DMP, DMP tools, data stewardship, FAIR, FAIR data

Resource type: Presentation

A Gentle Introduction to DSW for Convergers

Data Stewardship Wizard brings together data stewards and researchers to efficiently compose data management plans (DMPs) for their research projects. Data stewards capture their knowledge and expertise in so-called knowledge models that are turned into smart...

Scientific topics: Data management, Data governance

Keywords: Data managment plan, data stewardship, data management, software tools

Resource type: Video, Slides, Webinar

Data Stewardship Wizard Workshop (Feb 2020)

Data Stewardship Wizard brings together data stewards and researchers to allow managing data in projects efficiently and in a FAIR manner. Data stewards can easily capture the knowledge including required project data and decisions in knowledge models that are then turned into...

Scientific topics: Data governance, Data management

Keywords: Data management plan, data stewardship, FAIR, data management, software tools

Resource type: Video, Webinar, Slides

Introduction to Persistent Identifiers

Module also available as self-study material in data carpentry style

Scientific topics: Data management

Keywords: system relevant metadata for data, PID metadata, Python API pyhandle, Persistent Identifiers

Resource type: course materials

Helis Academy - Persistent identifiers and their use cases

Managing increasing numbers of data objects
Sharing data from different sourcesamongst researchers
Data needs to be (globally) identifiable and addressable to ensure reuse of data
Data citation
Linking data from different source

Keywords: Referencing data and code, Findability of data and code, Identifying data and code, data management

Resource type: Slides

Helis Academy - Data Sharing, publishing and archiving

Basic knowledge of:
o Know what a repository is
o Characteristics of Data Sharing, Archiving and Publishing
o Knowledge of major platforms for Sharing, Archiving and Publishing

Hands on experience:
o Dataverse possibilities for sharing and publishing
o Designing requirements digital...

Keywords: data sharing, Data publishing, data archiving, data repositories, data management

Resource type: Slides

Introduction to FAIR data stewardship

FAIR data Stewardship: How to improve the reuse of nanosafety data

Scientific topics: Data management

Keywords: FAIR

FAIR Data Stewardship - Data sharing, archiving and publishing

In this workshop we focus on three aspects of FAIR data stewardship: Data sharing, publishing and archiving. Many scientists have an insufficient overview over data services, roles and their responsibilities towards safe data sharing, archiving and publishing. Shedding light on these roles helps...

Keywords: Data Life Cycle, FAIR, data management, data stewardship, data repositories, data sharing, data publication

Resource type: Slides, Training materials