Integrating to ELIXIR AAI -- instructions for developers

ELIXIR AAI is an ELIXIR Compute Platform service that other services can use to authenticate their users and manage their access rights. This is a collection of material for developers of services that want to rely on ELIXIR AAI.


Webinar topic Link to webinar recording
ELIXIR AAI basic course Recording (53:20)
ELIXIR AAI advanced course on non-web authentication Recording (15:11)
ELIXIR AAI advanced course on provisioning/deprovisioning Recording (43:38)
GA4GH Passport overview Recording (1:02:13) by GA4GH
GA4GH Passport deep-dive Recording (1:02:52) by GA4GH
GA4GH Passports training Recording (32:23)

Integrating a service to ELIXIR AAI using OpenID Connect

Topic Material Link
Configure a service to use ELIXIR AAI Presentation
How OpenID Connect works in ELIXIR AAI Video (6:18)
How to integrate Keycloak to ELIXIR AAI Video (5:42)
How to integrate Galaxy to ELIXIR AAI On-line material
Manual to integrate a relying service to ELIXIR AAI On-line material

Registering a relying service (client) to ELIXIR AAI

Topic Material Link
Register a client to ELIXIR AAI Video (5:14)
Update a client registration in ELIXIR AAI Video (1:29)
Remove a client from ELIXIR AAI Video (1:12)
Approving moving a relying service to production Video (1:03)
Request transfer of a client from ELIXIR test environment to production Video (1:06)

Advanced topics

Topic Material Link
How to register to ELIXIR Multi-factor authentication Video (1:32)
How to use ELIXIR Multi-factor authentication Video (0:49)
SSH secure shell login using a QR code Video (1:32)

Keywords: AAI, IAM, Authentication, authorisation

Additional information

Target audience: software developers, bioinformaticians

Resource type: Webinar, Presentation, Documentation

Authors: Mikael Linden, Michal Prochazka, Dominik Frantisek Bucik, Jana Broncova

Scientific topics: Computer science