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Tools: ORGANISMS  or CellNOptR 

Tutorial on CellNOpt

This tutorial aims to be an introduction to
i) the preparation of the Prior knowledge network (PKN) of signaling pathways and
ii) the training of the PKN against biochemical data to create cell-specific models.

Scientific topics: Molecular interactions, pathways and networks, Simulation experiment, Personalised medicine

Operations: Modelling and simulation

Keywords: HPC, Biomodelling, Signalling

Resource type: Tutorial

Text-mining exercises

Hands-on exercises using a variety of text-mining tools and databases based on text mining, to interpret the results from microbiome studies.

The exercises will teach you how to:

  • automatically highlight named entities in a web page
  • use named entity recognition for synonym-aware...

Scientific topics: Data mining, Natural language processing, Metagenomics, Microbial ecology