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Workshop FAIR & Data stewardship for the 2021 ITN ProEVLifeCycle

This material is part of an follow up FAIR data stewardship workshop for the Marie Curie ITN ProEVLifeCycle (The prostate cancer Extracellular Vesicle LifeCycle)

FAIR and data stewardship - November 3th, 2021
Organiser: Dutch Techcentre For Life Sciences, DTL
Setup: Virtual meeting...

Scientific topics: FAIR data, Data management

Operations: Analysis, Data handling

Keywords: Data analysis, Data management planning, Data processing, Data sharing, Data collection, Data preserving, Data reuse

Resource type: Slidedeck

Transcriptomics - Visualization of RNA-Seq results with CummeRbund

Training material for all kinds of transcriptomics analysis.

Questions of the tutorial:

  • How are RNA-Seq results stored?
  • Why are visualization techniques needed?
  • How to select our desired subjects for differential gene expression analysis?

Objectives of the tutorial:

  • Manage RNA-Seq...

Resource type: Tutorial