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Workshop FAIR & Data stewardship for the 2021 ITN ProEVLifeCycle

This material is part of an follow up FAIR data stewardship workshop for the Marie Curie ITN ProEVLifeCycle (The prostate cancer Extracellular Vesicle LifeCycle)

FAIR and data stewardship - November 3th, 2021
Organiser: Dutch Techcentre For Life Sciences, DTL
Setup: Virtual meeting...

Scientific topics: FAIR data, Data management

Operations: Analysis, Data handling

Keywords: Data analysis, Data management planning, Data processing, Data sharing, Data collection, Data preserving, Data reuse

Resource type: Slidedeck

Reproducible data analysis with RStudio, github and Rmarkdown

Best practices for writing reproducible data-analysis
Creating a reproducible and re-usable data-analysis environment with Rstudio

Scientific topics: Data management, Data architecture, analysis and design

Keywords: Data analysis

Resource type: Presentation

Data security and encryption

  1. Data security
  2. Encryption
  3. Passwords

Scientific topics: Data management, Data security

Keywords: data encryption

Resource type: Presentation

Valorisation and intellectual properties in research data management

Valorisation and IP

  • Basics of Tech Transfer and IPR from an academic perspective
  • Insights as to:
    • Why is it important when handling and managing research data?
    • How do IP rights fit in FAIR data principles
    • When to safeguard data for proprietary protection?
    • Where/how...

Scientific topics: Data management

Keywords: intellectual property protection

Resource type: Presentation

Preserve, publish and share your data

  • why preserve data
  • what data should be preserved
  • how share data
  • where to deposit your data
  • Fairsharing, re3data
  • ELIXIR Core Resources
  • Data Formats
  • Generic archives

Scientific topics: Data management, Data submission, annotation, and curation

Keywords: data formats, ELIXIR Core resources, FAIR data submission

Resource type: Presentation

Reusing existing data

  • how to find existing data (OmicsDI, pubmed, BioStudies, Google Data search, Data Management Hub)
  • licenses
  • datasets as first-class research products
  • research software as first-class research products
  • data citations

Scientific topics: Data management

Keywords: data licenses, software licenses, data journal

Resource type: Presentation

Organising your data: structure and versioning

how to store and organize data safe, easy and efficient - practical recommendation for folder structures and file naming schemes

Scientific topics: Data management

Keywords: data stewardship, data collection

Resource type: Presentation

FAIRify your data: data documentation and metadata

“Documentation is a love letter that you write to your future self.”
Damian Conway (2005)

Make your data as useful as possible for “your future self” and others
Never forget what you did or how or why you did it
Always find beck your precious data (easily)
Make data understandable,...

Scientific topics: Data management

Keywords: data documentation, metadata

Resource type: Presentation

Data Management Plans - creating data management plans
why, what to cover, examples and self-assessment grids

Keywords: Data management planning

Resource type: Presentation

Privacy and GDPR in the research life cycle

  1. The basics
  2. Planning your research from a GDPR point of view
  3. From planning to collecting your data
  4. Structuring and analyzing your data
  5. Sharing, publishing, archiving and destroying your data

Scientific topics: Data management

Keywords: GDPR

Resource type: Presentation

Research Data Management: Trends and requirements

Paula Oset - Research funders and journal policies

Scientific topics: Data management

Keywords: journal policies, research funding

Resource type: Presentation

Introduction to Research Data Management and the data life cycle

Introduction to RDM & data lifecycle
Thomas Van de Velde (Data steward team Ghent University)

Keywords: research data, data management

Resource type: Presentation