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Keywords: R-programming  or Communication 

Keynote on Visual Design Principles

Martin Krzywinski ( gives a great primer on the key principles of effective visual design in biological sciences. During the talk he highlights the principles with examples from various peer-reviewed publications and discusses the practical aspects of effective figure...

Keywords: Genome, HCI, Information visualisation, Communication

Resource type: Video

Keynote on Communicating Science Visually

Felice Frankel delivers her keynote address in which she talks about how to effectively use visual tools to communicate science.This video was filmed and distributed with permission under a Creative Commons license.
Created at: VIZBI 2013.

Keywords: Communication

Resource type: Video

Making Science Beautiful

In this presentation David Goodsell reveals the beauty of science through his scientific and artistic endeavors. He explores the visual techniques which have been used to communicate the detail of the molecular biology world to different audiences.David Goodsell ( is an...

Keywords: Molecular, Communication

Resource type: Video

Revise and Redraw—Visual Design Principles for Scientific Data

Martin Krzywinski's keynote from 1st BiVi in 2014. He discusses visual design principles and communicating effectively in pictures.This talk distills core concepts of information design into practical guidelines for creating scientific figures. We will explain how to generate visual vocabularies...

Keywords: HCI, Communication

Resource type: Video

Art and Science: A partnership catalyzing discovery in biomedicine

A 3rd BiVi 2017 Keynote Presentation by Bang Wong, Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard and Department of Art as Applied to Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of MedicineChaired by: Geoff BartonThe data generated by the biomedical research community hold tremendous potential to inform our...

Scientific topics: Pathway or network, Phylogenetics

Keywords: Anatomy Physiology and Atlases, Cells and Organisms, Genome, Molecular, Pathway, Phylogenetics, Populations, Communication, Information visualisation

Resource type: Video

From Visual Exploration of Biomedical Data to Storytelling and Back Again

A 3rd BiVi 2017 Keynote Presentation by Marc Streit who discusses visual exploration and sharing discoveries with examples from the Caleydo project.Chaired by Tom FreemanThe primary goal of visual data exploration tools is to enable the discovery of new insights. To justify and reproduce...

Keywords: Communication, Information visualisation

Resource type: Video