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Keywords: R-programming  or Cloud computing 

Cloud-SPAN Prenomics

Prenomics prepares learners for the Cloud-SPAN Genomics course. It teaches the basics of command-line programming, including: (1) file directory structure, (2) use of command-line utilities to connect to and use cloud computing and storage resources and (3) basic shell commands for file...

Scientific topics: Bioinformatics, Software engineering, Genomics

Operations: Query and retrieval, Data handling

Keywords: Cloud computing, Shell, Command line, Amazon Web Services, genomics, HPC, Data analysis, bioinformatics

Resource type: course materials, online course, Training materials

WEBINAR: Where to go when your bioinformatics outgrows your compute

This record includes training materials associated with the Australian BioCommons webinar ‘Where to go when your bioinformatics outgrows your compute’. This webinar took place on 19 August 2021.

Bioinformatics analyses are often complex, requiring multiple software tools and specialised compute...

Keywords: Computational Biology, Bioinformatics, High performance computing, HPC, Galaxy Australia, Nectar Research Cloud, Pawsey Supercomputing Centre, NCI, NCMAS, Cloud computing

Introduction to using containers - OpenShift, Kubernetes and Docker oriented view

This material is CSC's Rahti basic cloud course which consists of lectures and hands-on exercises on creating and managing virtual resources in OpenShift OKD (Kubernetes). The original material was produced by Shubham Kapoor and Juhani Kataja, and updated by Tewodros Deneke and Alvaro Gonzalez

Keywords: Containers, Kubernetes, Cloud computing

Data Gravity in the Life Sciences: Lessons learned from the HCA and other federated data projects

We live in an era of cloud computing. Many of the services in the life sciences are keenly planning cloud transformations, seeking to create globally distributed ecosystems of harmonised data based on standards from organisations like GA4GH. CINECA faces similar challenges, gathering cohort...

Scientific topics: Data architecture, analysis and design

Keywords: Cloud computing, Data analysis, Standards, Translational research

Resource type: Video

Introduction to using cloud and containers for training - OpenStack and Docker oriented view

This material is based on CSC's Pouta cloud course which consists of lectures and hands-on exercises on creating and managing virtual resources in OpenStack (VM, volumes, networks, security Groups, VM snapshots, etc). It also covers topics like orchestration with Heat and accessing Pouta Object...

Keywords: Cloud computing, Containers

Resource type: Slides, course materials

The IFB cloud for bioinformatics

Practical work to introduce basic and advanced usage of the IFB cloud
Howto launch virtual machines
Managing your data in the cloud ;
Howto to connect to your VMS (SSH, web, remote desktop)
Personalizing your VMs (approver, galaxy, docker)

Keywords: Cloud computing, Virtual machine

A recipe for setting up a free Virtual Machine environment for bioinformatics training and production

This material is a guideline for any bioinformatics group that would like to manage and distribute a cloud environment of virtual machines (VMs) for their users using only free components, if reasonable powerful compute and storage hardware is available. It is also a record of the creation of our...

Scientific topics: Bioinformatics

Keywords: Cloud computing, Virtual machine

Training Bioinformatics in the Cloud

I present the points of view, the challenges and advantages of developing training materials through the cloud.

Keywords: Advanced bioinformatics training, Cloud computing, Training