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Contributors: Michael Parkin  or Prof. Michael J E Sternberg 

Finding the data behind research publications with Europe PMC

This webinar will explain how to use Europe PMC to find relevant articles in your research field and locate the linked data containing facts and evidence to support your hypothesis.

Europe PMC is an open biomedical literature database including PubMed indexed articles, preprints,...

Keywords: Biomedical Literature, Data links, databases, External links

Resource type: Life Sciences Literature Database

Using Europe PMC for effective literature research

This webinar will explain how to find and access relevant scientific literature and show how you can follow the latest developments in your scientific field. It will cover searches by topic and author, searches for associated research data, as well as advanced options for building complex...

Keywords: Literature search, peer reviewed articles, Europe PMC, Preprints, Data links, Annotations, Europe PMC, ORCID

Resource type: Life Science Literature Database, Life Sciences Literature Database

Searching and browsing scientific publications with the new Europe PMC

Literature search is an essential and routine task in scientific research. Following the release of the new Europe PMC website, this webinar will show you the new full-text searching and browsing features built to optimise the literature research. Learn how to find the most recent, most relevant...

Keywords: Literature search, Data links, preprints

Resource type: Life Sciences Literature Database

BiVi theme: Molecular

Prof Michael Sternberg introduces bio-visualisation in the Molecular theme from a user perspective at 1st BiVi in 2014.
Created at: 1st BiVi Annual Meeting.

Keywords: Molecular

Resource type: Video

BiVi theme: Molecular - Structural molecular graphics

Prof Michael Sternberg introduces the Molecular bio-visualsation session at 2nd BiVi in 2015.
Created at: 2nd BiVi Annual Meeting.

Keywords: Molecular

Resource type: Slideshow

EzMol and BioBlox: From Resources for Protein Modelling to Educational Computer Games

In this talk Michael Sternberg of Imperial reports how their research on protein modelling has led to the development of computer games with a role in scientific education. At Imperial, Chris Reynolds has developed a web-based molecular graphics resource EzMol which is a simple-to-use display of...

Keywords: Molecular

Resource type: Video