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Contributors: David Bouyssié  or Dr. Stephen David Laycock 

IBIP19 - Integrative Biological Interpretation using Proteomics (2019)

Quantitative proteomics by mass spectrometry has become an essential tool for multi-omics studies aiming at answering important biological questions in a system-wide perspective. Proteomics data contain rich and deep information that can become challenging to extract, interpret, and interface...

Keywords: Proteomics

Resource type: Documentation, Exercise, Handout, Scripts

Interacting with large biomolecules using haptic feedback

Dr Stephen Laycock describes using InteractinHaptiMOL to interact with large biomolecules using haptic feedback at 2nd BiVi in 2015.
Created at: 2nd BiVi Annual Meeting.

Keywords: Molecular

Resource type: Slideshow