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Contributors: Célia Michotey  or Prof. Michael J E Sternberg 

Plant Phenotyping Data managment Webinar (MIAPPE)

The Minimal Information About Plant Phenotyping Experiment, MIAPPE (, has been designed by ELIXIR, EMPHASIS and Bioversity international, to guide plant scientist in the management of experimental data. Furthermore, since genetic studies relies on the integration and the linking...

Scientific topics: Data submission, annotation, and curation, Data quality management, Phenomics, Plant biology

Operations: Standardisation and normalisation

Resource type: Video, Slides

BiVi theme: Molecular

Prof Michael Sternberg introduces bio-visualisation in the Molecular theme from a user perspective at 1st BiVi in 2014.
Created at: 1st BiVi Annual Meeting.

Keywords: Molecular

Resource type: Video

BiVi theme: Molecular - Structural molecular graphics

Prof Michael Sternberg introduces the Molecular bio-visualsation session at 2nd BiVi in 2015.
Created at: 2nd BiVi Annual Meeting.

Keywords: Molecular

Resource type: Slideshow

EzMol and BioBlox: From Resources for Protein Modelling to Educational Computer Games

In this talk Michael Sternberg of Imperial reports how their research on protein modelling has led to the development of computer games with a role in scientific education. At Imperial, Chris Reynolds has developed a web-based molecular graphics resource EzMol which is a simple-to-use display of...

Keywords: Molecular

Resource type: Video