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Authors: erasche  or Manuel Corpas 

Galaxy Server administration - Ansible

Resources related to configuration and maintenance of Galaxy servers

Questions of the tutorial:

  • Why Ansible?
  • How and when to use Ansible?
  • How to write a role?
  • How to leverage community build roles?

Objectives of the tutorial:

  • Learn Ansible basics
  • Write a simple role
  • Install a...

Resource type: Tutorial

Data Manipulation - Collections: Rule Based Uploader

A collection of microtutorials explaining data manipulation within Galaxy

Questions of the tutorial:

  • How to use the rule based uploader to create complex collections

Objectives of the tutorial:

  • Learn about the Rule Based Uploader

Resource type: Tutorial

Contributing to the Galaxy Training Material - Creating a new tutorial - Slides

Galaxy is a great solution to train the bioinformatics concepts: numerous bioinformatics tools are available (almost 5,000 in the ToolShed), it can be used by people without amy computer science skills, it trains to use technology, outlining available resources and efforts that have made them...

Resource type: Slides

Development in Galaxy - Galaxy Interactive Environments

Galaxy is an open-source project. Everyone can contribute to its development with core Galaxy development, integration of softwares in Galaxy environment, ...

Questions of the tutorial:

  • What are Galaxy Interactive Environments (GIEs)?
  • How to enable GIEs in Galaxy?
  • How to develop your own...

Resource type: Slides

Galaxy Server administration - Advanced customisation of a Galaxy instance

Resources related to configuration and maintenance of Galaxy servers

Resource type: Slides


Introduction to BioJS a standard for visualisation of biological data in JavaScript

Keywords: Biojs, Javascript, Software, Standards

GOBLET Training portal


Keywords: Goblet

Presentation About GOBLET Portal

This is a presentation I gave at the Jornadas de Bioinformática in Seville, Spain (24/09/14)

Keywords: Goblet, Training portal

Training Bioinformatics in the Cloud

I present the points of view, the challenges and advantages of developing training materials through the cloud.

Keywords: Advanced bioinformatics training, Cloud computing, Training

RNA-seq analysis

I give an overview of the analysis of gene expression in plants using RNA-seq data. This course provides a foundation on the tuxedo software suite: TopHat, Cufflinks, CummeRbund.