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Authors: Manuel Corpas  or Helen Brown 

SAS Introduction


  1. Data summary

  2. Demo – Data Summary

  3. Demo – Data Summary cont.

  4. Data summary using PROC TABULATE and PROC GPLOT

  5. Statistical analysis

  6. Example analysis

  7. Example analysis cont.1

  8. Example analysis cont.2

  9. Reading and manipulating...

Keywords: SAS, Roslin Institute

Summarising Data

  1. Introduction

  2. Introduction to Data Summary & Types of data

  3. Continuous Data – Measures of Location

  4. Continuous Data – Measures of Spread & Accuracy

  5. Continuous Data with Skewed or Odd Distributions – Measures of Spread

  6. Choosing Appropriate Summary Statistics...

Keywords: Summarising data, Roslin Institute

Basic Statistical Tests

  1. Introduction

  2. Hypothesis Testing

  3. Choosing Between Parametric & Non-Parametric Tests

  4. T-Test for Comparing Two Groups

  5. T-Test – Interpreting Software Output

  6. Paired T-Test

  7. Mann-Whitney U-Test to Compare Two Groups When Data Are Not Normally Distributed


Keywords: Statistical tests, Roslin Institute

Introduction to Experimental Design

  1. Introduction

  2. Achieving Statistical Significance

  3. Achieving Generalisable Results

  4. Avoiding Bias

  5. Questions to Address When Planning

  6. Examples of Experimental Designs

  7. Randomised Block Design

  8. Crossover & Repeated Measures Designs

  9. Pilot & Proof...

Keywords: Experimental design, Roslin Institute

Introduction to Sample Size Calculation

  1. Introduction

  2. Sample Size Calculation – Basic Formula

  3. Example 1

  4. Calculating In Terms of ‘Difference to Detect’ & Power From Sample Size

  5. Example 2

  6. Different Numbers Per Group

  7. Different Variances for Groups

  8. Binary Data

  9. Allowing for...

Keywords: Sample size, Roslin Institute

Introduction to Statistical Modelling

  1. Introduction

  2. One-Way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) Recap

  3. Two-Way ANOVA - Assessing Two Effects in Same Model

  4. Two-Way ANOVA - Allowing for Structure in The Data

  5. Paired T-Test Using Two-Way ANOVA & ANOVA With More Effects

  6. Regression Recap

  7. General Linear...

Keywords: Statistical modelling, Roslin Institute

Introduction to Mixed Models

  1. Introduction

  2. What Are Mixed Models?

  3. Potential Advantages of Mixed Models

  4. Historical Perspective

  5. Example 1: Biological & Technical Replicates

  6. Example 2: Rabbit Inspiration Time – Sources of Variation

  7. Non-Normal Data

  8. Example 3: Non-normal data


Keywords: Mixed models, Roslin Institute

Introduction to Analysing Repeated Measures Data

  1. Introduction

  2. Potential Analysis Approaches

  3. Mixed Model Analysis

  4. Covariance Pattern Model

  5. Example – Covariance Pattern Model

  6. Significance Testing for Fixed Effects

  7. Model Checking

  8. Random Coefficients (Slopes) Models

  9. Example – Random Coefficients...

Keywords: Data analysis, Repeated measures, Roslin Institute


Introduction to BioJS a standard for visualisation of biological data in JavaScript

Keywords: Biojs, Javascript, Software, Standards

GOBLET Training portal


Keywords: Goblet

Presentation About GOBLET Portal

This is a presentation I gave at the Jornadas de Bioinformática in Seville, Spain (24/09/14)

Keywords: Goblet, Training portal

Training Bioinformatics in the Cloud

I present the points of view, the challenges and advantages of developing training materials through the cloud.

Keywords: Advanced bioinformatics training, Cloud computing, Training

RNA-seq analysis

I give an overview of the analysis of gene expression in plants using RNA-seq data. This course provides a foundation on the tuxedo software suite: TopHat, Cufflinks, CummeRbund.