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Authors: Manuel Corpas  or András Aszódi 


Introduction to BioJS a standard for visualisation of biological data in JavaScript

Keywords: Biojs, Javascript, Software, Standards

Statistics with R

The aim of this course is to teach you how to perform basic statistical analysis using R. First we review the foundations (sampling theory, discrete and continuous distributions), then we focus on classical hypothesis testing. This course will improve your generic statistics knowledge....

Scientific topics: Statistics and probability

Keywords: Biostatistics, R

Python programming primer

The purpose of this training is to teach general programming concepts using Python as an instruction tool.
Introduction to Python: basic principles.
Python data structures: strings, tuples, lists, dictionaries, sets.
Object-oriented programming: how to model coffee machines in Python...

Scientific topics: Software engineering

Keywords: Python biologists

R as a programming language

This course is aimed at colleagues who would like to learn how to use the statistical programming language "R". We will learn about the data structures and functions in R, and how to write R scripts.
Introduction to R: general principles.
Data structures in R: vectors, matrices, arrays,...

Keywords: R programming

UNIX command line and scripting

The first part of this course introduces the UNIX command line on a Linux or Mac. The second part provides a basic introduction to string searches and scripting with AWK and BASH.

Keywords: Awk, Bash, Unix

GOBLET Training portal


Keywords: Goblet

Presentation About GOBLET Portal

This is a presentation I gave at the Jornadas de Bioinformática in Seville, Spain (24/09/14)

Keywords: Goblet, Training portal

Training Bioinformatics in the Cloud

I present the points of view, the challenges and advantages of developing training materials through the cloud.

Keywords: Advanced bioinformatics training, Cloud computing, Training

RNA-seq analysis

I give an overview of the analysis of gene expression in plants using RNA-seq data. This course provides a foundation on the tuxedo software suite: TopHat, Cufflinks, CummeRbund.