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Authors: Kathi Zarnack  or Michal Prochazka 

Integrating to ELIXIR AAI -- instructions for developers

ELIXIR AAI is an ELIXIR Compute Platform service that other services can use to authenticate their users and manage their access rights. This is a collection of material for developers of services that want to rely on ELIXIR AAI.


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Scientific topics: Computer science

Keywords: AAI, IAM, Authentication, authorisation

Resource type: Webinar, Presentation, Documentation

Training on integration of OpenID Connect services to ELIXIR AAI

The target group of the training is developers and administrators of services that want to integrate to ELIXIR AAI for user authentication and authorisation. The training has hands-on sessions for the participants to integrate their own service (or, a test service provided by the trainers) to...

Keywords: AAI, OpenID Connect, Authentication

Training on integration of services to ELIXIR AAI

ELIXIR AAI is the ELIXIR service portfolio for authenticating researchers and managing their access rights in ELIXIR services. This training material was used in a workshop 24-25 Apr 2018 that was intended in particular for service administrators in organizations that want to make use of ELIXIR...

Keywords: AAI, authentication, Shibboleth