Searching and browsing scientific publications with the new Europe PMC

Literature search is an essential and routine task in scientific research. Following the release of the new Europe PMC website, this webinar will show you the new full-text searching and browsing features built to optimise the literature research. Learn how to find the most recent, most relevant and most cited articles in a topic of interest. Also, learn how to find and explore the enhanced content available in Europe PMC.

This webinar is aimed at life science scientists who are interested in optimising their literature search skills. No prior knowledge of bioinformatics is required.

DOI: DOI: 10.6019/TOL.EuropePMC_new-w.2020.00001.1

Keywords: Literature search, Data links, preprints

Additional information

Resource type: Life Sciences Literature Database

Authors: Dayane Araujo

Contributors: Michael Parkin