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RDF Schema and Data Visualization

RDF Schema and Data Visualization is a training that was developed in the context of the Swiss Personalized Health Network (SPHN) initiative and is part of a series of trainings centered around the SPHN Interoperability Framework developed by the SPHN Data Coordination Center (DCC). The framework aims at facilitating collaborative research by providing a decentralized infrastructure sustained by a strong semantic layer (SPHN Dataset) and graph technology, based on RDF, for the exchange and storage of data.

This training will serve as an introduction on data visualization and browsing conforming to the SPHN RDF schema. This will include how to load SPHN RDF schema and mock-data into GraphDB, and how to use the built in Visual Graph functionality to explore and visualize SPHN RDF schema and the mock-data.



After the training you will be able to:

  • Load ontologies and data into a triplestore (here, GraphDB)
  • Visualize ontologies and data in GraphDB
  • Perform basic querying on data and generate visual outputs


All resources are available on the training's GitLab space

Licence: Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 4.0 International

Keywords: Clinical data, SPARQL, Data visualization, RDF, Knowledge graph, GraphDB, Mock data

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Target audience: Research Scientists, Data Managers, Biomedical Researchers, Bioinformaticians, Data Scientists

Resource type: Video, Training materials, Mock data, E-learning

Status: Archived

Authors: Personalized Health Informatics Group, Petar Horki

Contributors: Vasundra Touré, Sabine Österle

Scientific topics: Data visualisation, Medical informatics, FAIR data, Data management, Computer science

Operations: Ontology visualisation, Visualisation, Data retrieval, Data handling, Query and retrieval

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