Hands-on for 'Mapping Jobs to Destinations' tutorial

The questions this addresses are:
- How can I configure job dependent resources, like cores, memory for my DRM?
- How can I map jobs to resources and destinations

\nThe objectives are:
- Know how to map tools to job destinations
- Be able to use the dynamic job runner to make arbitrary destination mappings
- Understand the job resource selector config and dynamic rule creation
- The various ways in which tools can be mapped to destinations, both statically and dynamically
- How to write a dynamic tool destination (DTD)
- How to write a dynamic python function destination
- How to use the job resource parameter selection feature

Licence: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International

Keywords: admin, ansible, jobs, git-gat

Additional information

Target audience: Students

Resource type: hands-on tutorial

Authors: Björn Grüning, Helena Rasche, Nate Coraor

Contributors: Björn Grüning, Helena Rasche, Nate Coraor