Hands-on for 'Connecting Galaxy to a compute cluster' tutorial

The questions this addresses are:
- How to connect Galaxy to a compute cluster?
- What are job metrics?
- What sort of information can I collect?
- Where can I find this information?

\nThe objectives are:
- Be familiar with the basics of installing, configuring, and using Slurm
- Understand all components of the Galaxy job running stack
- Understand how the job_conf.xml file controls Galaxy's jobs subsystem
- Have a strong understanding of Galaxy job destinations
- Understand the purpose and function of Galaxy job metrics

Licence: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International

Keywords: admin, jobs, ansible, git-gat

Additional information

Target audience: Students

Resource type: hands-on tutorial

Authors: Björn Grüning, Helena Rasche, Nate Coraor

Contributors: Björn Grüning, Helena Rasche, Nate Coraor