European Patients’ Academy Webinars

EUPATI proposed webinars on :
- The impact of GDPR (General data protection Regulation ) on clinical trials
- Community Advisory Boards
- Registries
- Experience with Patient Involvement in HTA Processes
- Guidance on Patient Involvement on HTA
- Guidance on Patient Involvement in Regulatory Processes
- Guidance on Patient Involvement in Ethical Review of Clinical Trials
- Guidance on Patient Involvement on Industry-led R&D
- Revision of CIOMS ethical guidelines for biomedical research
- Enabling meaningful patient contribution to ethical review?
- Strengthening patient involvement in Health Technology Assessment (HTA)
- Early collaboration – a recipe for solutions: drug development and treatment strategies may go hand in hand

Scientific topics: Rare diseases

Keywords: Rare Diseases & Research

Resource type: Webinar, e-learning

Target audience: rare disease patients representatives, Patient Advocates

Difficulty level: Beginner

European Patients’ Academy Webinars 12 webinars from EUPATI, for patients and advocates Rare diseases Rare Diseases & Research rare disease patients representatives Patient Advocates