Europe PMC, programmatically

Europe PMC is an open repository, providing access to worldwide biomedical literature, including articles, books, patents, and clinical guidelines. More than 32 million abstracts (27 million from PubMed) and 4 million full-text articles can be freely accessed through Europe PMC in a single search. The mission of Europe PMC is to build open access, full-text scientific literature resources and deliver world-class literature services. This webinar will introduce the Europe PMC Articles RESTful API and show you how to access publications and related information, such as citations, data links, or text-mined terms, programmatically.

Keywords: Literature search, Programmatic Access, Europe PMC, REST API, Biomedical Literature

Additional information

Resource type: Webinar

Authors: Dayane Araujo

Contributors: Francesco Talo, Yogmatee Rochun