ELIXIR AAI Engagement Meetings Materials

ELIXIR AAI is an ELIXIR Compute Platform service that other services can use to authenticate their users and manage their access rights.
In the ELIXIR AAI Tas, we are preparing regular Community engagement meetings where we would like to share and discuss together new AAI needs, requirements and ideas collected from the community, as well as share success stories with other infrastructures. Topics will be selected based on needs and interest and also in regard to future migration to LS AAI.
Here you can find information about previous and future Engagement Meetings' Agenda and links to presentation and documentation.

Engagement Call VII.

Date: October TBD

Engagement Call VI. - Meeting Closed

Date: 22.6.2022
In this call we provide a short introduction to Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI), a new paradigm for identity and access management. We then demonstrate a proof of concept for writing a researcher’s permissions to access a genomic dataset in their SSI wallet (in their smartphone) and then using it for accessing the datasets in a computing environment.
About Engagement Call VI.
Self-Sovereign Identity Introduction slides + Demo
Engagement Call Recording

Engagement Call V. - Meeting Closed

Date: 4.5.2022
In this call the implementers of GA4GH Cloud APIs in ELIXIR describe how the Workflow Execution Service (WES) and Task Execution Service (TES) enables a researcher to “bring compute to data” and how WES and TES make use of GA4GH Passports and other features of ELIXIR/Life Science AAI.
About Engagement Call V.
ELIXIR Cloud and AAI Driver project
Introduction to Passports in the GA4GH Cloud APIs
Update on GA4GH Passports 1.2/2.0

Engagement Call IV. - Meeting Closed

Date: 30.3.2022
In this call we would like to present to you the plan and steps of Elixir AAI users and services migration to LS AAI. Important part of the call will be discussion.
About Engagement Call IV.
Overview of LS AAI Migration
Technical overview of LS AAI migration

Engagement Call III. - Meeting Closed

Date: 23.2.2022
In the third call, we will take a closer look at AAIs related to the ELIXIR AAI. The first topic would be primarily focused on the EOSC AAI. In this part, you will get an insight into what the integration of ELIXIR AAI would look like. The second topic will focus on the guidelines resulting from the AARC project. The final part of the call will be dedicated to advertizing the recent AAI features.
About Engagement Call III.
ELIXIR AAI Features update

Engagement Call II. - Meeting Closed

Date: 26.1.2022
In the second call we will introduce more detailed use cases and follow up of discussion from the 1st engagement call GA4GH: ELIXIR community and EGA needs in relevance with proposed changes by NIH/dbGaP.
About Engagement Call II.
CSC Sensitive Data Desktop
GA4GH/AAI update

Engagement Call I. - Meeting Closed

Date: 15.12.2021
In this engagement call, we will report about currently discussed future changes in the GA4GH AAI OpenID Connect Profile and GA4GH Passport specifications and discuss how they correspond to the needs of the ELIXIR.
About Engagement Call I.
GA4GH passports and ELIXIR AAI

Keywords: AAI, IAM, Authentication, authorisation

Additional information

Target audience: software developers, bioinformaticians

Resource type: Documentation, Presentation

Authors: Mikael Linden, Dominik Frantisek Bucik, Jana Broncova

Scientific topics: Computer science