Docker version of Welsh Gene Park NGS course

Welcome to the IFR Dockerised version of the Welsh Genepark's
Introduction to Command-line NGS Analysis course!
The original materials belong to Wesh Genepark and the original
materials and software can be found here.

This was originally designed to be deployed onto Raspberry pi
computers. Our version will run on any linux machine running Docker
Host (or on Windows PC & Macs running Docker Toolbox (Kitematic)).

There are updated links to data files and we have provided an i86
version of the GATK (rather than the original ARM version).

*** NB ****
In Kitematic you will need to map the volume /coursehome to a directory
on your hard disk. Next stop then start the container (buttons towards
top RH corner) log in again and type '/scripts/' to
copy the tools, data and documents to the mapped directory on your
local hard disk.

Keywords: NGS, IFR, Institute of Food Research, Quadram Institute

Additional information

Authors: Mark Fernandes, Welsh Gene Park