BD2K Data Science Open Educational Resources (OERs)

These Online Educational Resources (OERs) cover a variety of topics related to data science and are intended for use in courses, programs, workshops, and related activities. Modules relevant to biocuration:BDK05 Basic Research Data Standards ( Standards for biomedical data, participating in communities that develop them, aiding reproducibility.BDK11 Identifiers ( Introduction to identifiers (modeling, identifying and describing resources and objects.)BDK12 Data Annotation And Curation ( Data preparation, developing standardized quality assurance processes and pipelines.BDK14 Ontologies 101 ( Introduction to OWL2 and data reasoning.Authors: OHSU BD2K teamType of Material: Presentation slides, videos (in BDK12), exercises, and other resources.License: CC-BY

Keywords: Biocuration, Curation, Identifiers, Ontology, Standards

Additional information

Target audience: biocurators

Authors: Monica Munoz-Torres

Remote created date: 2018-04-02

Scientific topics: Ontology